5 Unpopular Things to Do to Save Money on Your Next Trip

If you’re really itching for that holiday, but are not sure you can afford it, there’s a way. Sometimes – just sometimes, it pays to be a little unpopular to keep your travel costs low. Here’s what that looks like.

1. Visit unpopular destinations

Try up-and-coming destinations for some of the best deals. Big cities like London, Rome, Paris, and New York are always popular, but other places that may not make the rock-star list can actually mean you’ll get more for less money. The same goes for countries too. For a beach holiday

2. Stay in unpopular neighbouring cities

If you opt for neighbouring cities instead of the city you’re actually planning to tour, you could save up to 40% on accommodation. Plus, you’re much more likely to get a real taste of the culture and truly experience life as a local. However, there are a few things to consider – make sure the neighbourhood is safe and that the travel costs to the city don’t eat up what you saved on the accommodation.

3. Travel off popular seasons

It goes without saying that traveling unpopular times such as weekdays and off-season periods tends to be a lot cheaper. Of course, your beach holiday does require warm temperatures, but weekend city visits are much more pleasant off season – cheaper prices, cooler temperatures and less people means a much more enjoyable stay.

4. Eat at unpopular places

This one requires a little homework, but you’ll thank yourself later. You can avoid expensive tourist traps by using TripAdvisor to check local eateries, read reviews and compare prices. This will help guarantee you’ll save money and get a real taste of the local cuisine.Most Used

5. Do unpopular things

Of course, visiting some of the most iconic landmarks and museums is a must in any city, but for the sake of adventure (and saving) you should pick only a few and spend the rest of your time exploring the area off the beaten track. A good place to start is the Couchsurfing community. Even if you’re not crashing on anyone’s couch, you can still ask questions on the forum and join their events to explore the city in a totally new way.


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