Bad Business: New Report Highlights The Unhealthiest Highstreets In Britain

A recent study by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has found that certain types of business (tanning salons, fast food outlets, bookmakers and payday loan shops) are actually harmful to the physical and mental health of the people that live nearby.

Payday loan shops were rated as some of the most harmful to public health with a score of -4. Over two-thirds (68%) of the people surveyed believe that payday loan shops discourage healthy choices. Two-thirds (65%) believe they have a negative impact on mental wellbeing.

The report outlines areas with a high density of these ‘unhealthy’ businesses and calls for action to be taken by councils to restrict the number of them opening close to one another in local areas.

On a more positive note, the study found that surprisingly pubs and bars are actually beneficial to our mental health. It states, “Pubs and bars can act as hubs of community life, important for mental health and wellbeing”.

Check out the full report from the RSPH here

As Monese is entirely digital and not on the highstreet, we’re not included in the report, but here are a few reasons why we’re pretty sure we’re a ‘health promoting’ business…

  1. We can open accounts for customers incredibly fast (in minutes) so they can start sending and receiving payments.
  2. We aren’t like Payday loan services as we don’t provide credit. We simply give our customers best in class digital banking tools (like our mobile app) to help them manage their money like pros.
  3. We are open to all. You can set up an account with us even if you’re not a resident in the UK. Great for people coming to the UK to work, on holiday or to stay long term.
  4. We are free and fair – many banks charge unreasonable fees, we don’t.
  5. Our accounts come with a contactless payment card (those things are awesome) ‘beep beep!’

We launch this summer – why not register for an invite here.

Article source: The Guardian
Image source: Royal Society for Public Health


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