Taking Mobile Banking to the Next Level

According to a recent article by Mobile Payments Today, opening a banking account online is the main pain point for new tech-savvy customers. So much so that two-thirds of new customers leave at the registration process because they can’t complete their applications online.

There are seven main reasons why potential customers find it difficult to open an account online:

  • Frustration
  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Distraction
  • Identity verification
  • Funding verification
  • Signature

It’s totally understandable – we’re so used to doing everything else online with such ease, why on earth should banking be any different? Honestly, it shouldn’t. 

At Monese, we want to address all of the pain points above. That’s why we’re building our banking system from scratch and integrating top-notch technical solutions so you can open an account easily on our mobile app. We can verify your identity electronically and your account is opened instantly.

We believe mobile banking should be as intuitive and convenient as using Tinder. And it all starts with our quick and easy registration process.

We launch this summer! Secure your invite at http://www.monese.com.

Source: Mobile Payments Today


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