7 Ways to Easily Find a Job Abroad

Working abroad can be a great experience. Finding a job abroad less so. If you’re thinking about moving abroad, here’s our choice of tricks to help you find work quickly.

1. Consider your purpose

Think about what motivates you to work abroad. Is it gaining new experiences in your area of expertise, earning a bigger salary or simply living your dream? Maybe it’s all of that. Knowing why you want to work abroad will help you pin down your options and focus on your end goal with greater passion.

2. Spread the word

Harness the power of your network and tell everybody! Tell your family and friends about your plans so they could consider you the next time they hear about any job opportunities in your desired location. It is especially good if you have friends who live and work where you wish to move, so they could keep you posted about any openings they come across.

3. Work your way abroad

It might be a slower way to achieve your goal, but taking a job at an international organisation at home might open up opportunities to make a geographical move later on, without having to find a new job. To do that successfully, keep your purpose in mind (see no 1), network within the organisation to understand your opportunities and focus all your efforts on opening up those opportunities for yourself.

4. Learn the basics

One of the most important things that can give you an advantage and unlock opportunities for you in a foreign country is learning the local language and studying up on the culture. Knowing how to approach employers and showing off your language skills is a sure way to get ahead in the game.

5. Learn technical skills

If there’s one area you’re most likely to find opportunities in all over the world, it’s technology. What’s more, technical skills are universal, so learning them can help you find a job even if you’re not fluent in the local language. Considering the variety of online courses available to anyone, learning some hard technical skills is easier than ever.

6. Polish your online presence

When applying for jobs abroad, your employer’s main option to check your credibility is through your online presence. Start with your LinkedIn profile and make sure it is presenting your strengths, skills and experiences in the best possible way. If you have works to show off, you might want to present them in a portfolio website to share with your potential employer. It’s also a good idea to try Googling yourself to see if anything pops up that could potentially harm your reputation and that you might want to address.

7. Pick a company

Do a bit of homework and search for companies in the country you’re planning to move to that are doing great things in your area of expertise. Approach them directly and tell them why you would like to work for them. Your impressive online presence will help you make your case.

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