Your Top 5 Questions Answered – Part 2

1. How can I open an account with Monese?

When we launch, you can open an account with us by downloading our app. The app will take you through the sign-up process and you will have a fully-functioning UK current account in a matter of minutes. All you need is to have your ID document at hand and sport your best smile for the selfie you will take.

2. I don’t have a good credit score. Does this affect my chances of getting an account with Monese?

No, not at all. You can have an account at Monese, whatever your financial history. We don’t run credit checks, because we believe that having access to a safe place to keep your money shouldn’t depend on your financial background.

3. Which platforms do you support?

When we launch, our services will be available to all Android users. There, there, iOS users – don’t worry, we love you guys too, and an iOS app will be available soon. We will also release a web browser version, so plenty to look forward to! Make sure you stay tuned to our updates.

4Do you offer overdraft?

No, we don’t. Our focus is on offering super-quick access to a secure and free digital UK current account for all EU residents, and we can do so by not offering any credit products, which includes overdraft. But there’s so much more that we do offer. Check out number 5!

5. What kind of features does Monese offer?

Your Monese account comes with quick and super cheap local and international payments, a debit card for your purchases and cash withdrawals, and a mobile app to act as your personal banking branch and help you keep an eye on your finances wherever you are. You can also send money to your friends at Monese with one tap and forever for FREE. All of this will be in your pocket in just a few minutes, because that’s how long it takes to open an account with Monese.

Are you invited already? No? Well, you better get on the list at and secure yourself a seat among the first to try our revolutionary app! 

Have more questions? You might find an answer in Part 1 of this Q & A series. We’re always happy to have you drop us an email at [email protected] or ping us on Twitter or Facebook too. You can also leave a comment below and you’ll get an answer from us in no time.


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