3 Things We Know To Be True

On Thursday we publicly announced our $1.8M seed round funding from Seedcamp, SmartCap and a select group of other investors. Needless to say we are over the moon, as this is a momentous occasion for Monese and a major step forward on our company’s journey. We even got the president of Estonia tweeting about us.

After such an overwhelmingly positive response to our recent press coverage we thought we’d share a few things we know to be true.

1. We know that Monese is going to help solve a real problem

We are excited to have so many people reach out with messages of support both publicly and privately. It’s great to get this kind of validation first hand – sure we’ve poured over heaps of data and market research telling us that a service like ours is needed but nothing substitutes hearing that from real people.

2. The world is getting smaller (in a good way)

The job market is getting more and more globalised and people are no longer tied to one geographical location. The fact that the banking industry has not caught up with the trend yet, and expats and migrants still have a hard time opening banking accounts, is why we created Monese. We believe that having a safe place to keep one’s money is everybody’s basic right, and we want to deliver on that belief with style.

3. ‘Money’ is in a state of flux

We pointed out in a recent video that we think ‘Money has evolved’ – in fact it’s still evolving and faster than ever before. The FinTech industry is buzzing and there is no question that innovative tech startups are playing a big role in the direction the industry is headed. While many FinTech companies are working on better payment, saving and investment solutions for those who are already in the banking system, we at Monese are focused on expats and migrants, who somewhat surprisingly (considering the scale of this audience) are still largely underserved by financial institutions worldwide. We are excited to be able to play our part in this global change.

If you’re interested in learning more about Monese then follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and if you’re so interested that you’d like to claim your very own Monese account then you can do that too! Just head over to https://www.monese.com and submit your email – we’ll respond straight away confirming that you’re on our list.


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