How to Save Money to Travel the World – 4 Simple Steps

Many people have a dream of travelling the world. Probably all the 1,317,027 people who like Lonely Planet would like to travel the world. However, many people never get around to it, because they believe it is too unrealistic and they can’t afford it. Are you one of them? Well, take a look at these tips and you might just change your mind.

1. Set the goal

Lewis Carroll once put it eloquently by saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” So the first step towards your big trip is understanding how much you really need to save up. Once you’ve got the figures on a paper, your dream becomes real. Don’t be intimidated if the sum seems too big to ever get together. Many great minds have conceived ideas they had no clue how to bring to life, until they did.

2. Prioritise

It’s important to remember that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and if you set your mind to world travel, you can absolutely do it. Saving up for your big trip involves plenty of sacrifices. However, there’s a good rule of thumb: Whenever you have to prioritise, think of the two relevant factors of effort and impact. When the things you’ve got to do are of low effort and have high impact, it makes the sacrifice a lot easier.

3. Master the art of simple living

Once you have set your goal, there’s usually no way around having to switch on your thrifty mode and start living a little more low-key than you normally would. One way to do it is to categorise your expenses into two groups: necessities (like rent and bills) and unrestricted expenses (wining and dining, movie nights, and online purchases), and put the remainder towards your dream fund. Once you’ve taken a critical look at your expenses, the difference between how little you need to get by and what you think you need to get by will blow your mind.

4. Enjoy

The efforts of cutting down on your daily expenses and giving up certain luxuries might seem insurmountable at first, but you won’t remember any of it in the end. What you will remember are those crazy adventures and great experiences you will gain once you’ll be able to travel across countries, savour local cultures and cuisine and meet great people.

After all: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine of Hippo

Source: Levo League


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