The Last, Last Train

Good news for our London crew – Transport for London have announced that they will be running a new 24 hour tube service. The all night service will run from Saturday 12 September on Fridays and Saturdays, with trains arriving at stations roughly every 10 minutes or so.

There is a small catch however… Not all of the Underground lines will get the full ‘all-night’ service. Lines that will have the night services are as follows:

  • Central line
  • Jubilee line
  • Northern line
  • Piccadilly line
  • Victoria line

It’s also important to note that on the lines that will operate during the night not all routes will be covered. You can view a large version of the night Tube Map here (very handy for printing off).

Consutancy Firm Volterra have estimated the potential time savings for Travellers as a direct result of Transport For London’s Night Tube Service (see image below).

London Tube Time Savings
Time savings for travellers

The Monese team based at our London office are pretty excited about this as we often end up working late into the night on a new product feature or marketing campaign – and when we’re not doing that we can sometimes be found letting our hair down equally late into the night!

This tube service is going to save us a lot on Taxi’s and Uber’s (since we have no excuse for missing the last train ) and will save us a lot of time VS slogging it home on the night bus. Here’s hoping you’ll find it handy too!

Oh and just as a reminder, you’ll be able to use your Monese card on all TFL services where Contactless or Oyster is accepted – luckily for you this includes the Tube! If you haven’t already done for reserve your free Monese account now


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