Living near a Lot of Trees Makes You Feel 7 Years Younger (and £6,500 Richer)

The environment around us has a bigger impact on us than we know. For instance, did you know that trees around your house can actually make you feel wealthier? Yep, it’s true.

Although researchers have for a long time been aware of the role of trees in reducing pollution and making people feel happier and safer, this study dug deeper into the topic. And indeed, what the researchers found was that living on a street with 10 more trees than average makes you feel seven years younger—or as if you were making an extra £6,500 a year. Crazy, right?

The researchers combed through maps of 530,000 trees on streets in Toronto, and combined that with satellite images of trees in people’s backyards. What they found was that the more trees are on a block, the less likely people are to be obese or have diabetes or heart disease. Also, the more money people make, the more likely they are to say they feel healthy. Being around more trees is the health and well-being equivalent to making $10,000 or £6,500 more at your job. Now off to plant some trees!

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Source: Co.Exist




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