These Tricks Can Actually Help You Enjoy Saving Money

Saving money doesn’t usually feel fun or glamorous, even though we all know it’s important. But with these tricks, saving up could become much less tedious and even a little glam.

1. Play with numbers

What if instead of saving up £1,500 for a holiday, you’d just pick a random number as your goal and create a ritual out of it? For instance, you could start with saving up £2,016 in 2016. Or try the 52-week money challenge where you put aside an amount depending on which week of the year it is. Or go with your age and stash away your years’ worth of cash every week. There are no rules – only your own imagination.

2. Think about this: your money = security & power. And then keep thinking about it.

There’s a profound feeling of relief in knowing you have enough money set aside to survive the next economic crisis. Or that you can try on a totally different career path and not be phased out if you’re not making much money at first. Or that you can take care of any financial emergencies, like accidentally pouring water over your laptop or breaking a leg. Having this balance means you can base your decisions in life on your needs and wants and not on fear for losing your financial stability. If you hold on to this thought, you will find it’s so much easier to stay committed to saving up regularly.

3. Pin your savings on a Pinterest board

We’ve all got our expensive weaknesses, be it fashion, technology or gourmet dinners. Giving in to these weaknesses on a regular basis can get you in some serious financial trouble. To avoid that and make it a saving game instead, create a Pinterest board and pin one item you’d really like to have right now. Just this one. Let’s say it’s a new phone that costs £600. Once you have that spare £600, ask yourself if you really want that phone. Chances are you’re more content with the feeling of being able to buy it if you wanted to (and you could!) than actually getting it. Then pin something else and repeat, and before you know it, you’ll be looking at a few grand worth of luxuries you could afford if you felt like it. Pretty cool, eh?

4. Join the game of instant notifications

It’s super easy to track your spending when any time you’ve swiped the card or paid someone online the transaction is neatly displayed in a graphic. It shows you exactly how you’re finances are doing this month, what’s coming in and what’s going out. Not all banking services offer these kinds of instant notifications, but we know one that does – Monese. With your Monese account and mobile app, keeping an eye on your finances has really never been easier. Given that there are no signup fees or monthly charges either, it’s totally free fun!


Our service has been a few years in the making and now our launch is so close we can almost touch it. Help make history with us and secure yourself an invite at


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