Happiness Forecasting Is the Next Big Thing

There’s now an interactive map that forecasts the happiness levels for all London areas for a novel cause. It’s based on social interactions and aims to raise awareness of the importance of everyday kindness towards strangers.

“The Happy Forecast” is the result of 714 hours of social observations and it shows you the happiness outlook for all London’s 119 post codes. Clubhouse Studios, the company who built this project, studied social interactions such as people smiling at strangers or letting people pass, or being aggressive or neglectful towards each other. These acts were found to affect mood and long-term social wellbeing. This data, along with live Tweets from people in the area are used to calculate a real-time score of London’s

It seems the outlook for the Monese office in London (EC2) is not as sunny as we’d hoped. ‘Grey. Just grey’ isn’t exactly ideal. But no matter! At least the neighbouring Shoreditch (E2) seems to have clear skies, bright sunlight, birds singing and streets full of happy people. Now we know where we need to start hanging out during our lunch breaks.

What’s your area’s forecast? Check out the map here.

And then join us for our launch! We’re only weeks away from launching our FREE UK current account that’s open to all EU residents. So there’s not much time left to grab your invite and be one of the first to try it. Join the invite list now at www.monese.com!

Source: The Happy Forecast


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