3 Insanely Awesome Ways to Work Remotely

Everybody and their mother seems to be talking about remote work lately. With a list of benefits to our health and work-life balance, remote working is gaining in popularity across the globe. Now, a handful of organisations are taking the usual work-from-home-or-a-coffee-shop-lifestyle to a whole new level — on boats and around the world.

Check out these companies offering all-inclusive remote working experiences. And when we say remote, we mean remote.

Remote Year

As the name suggests, Remote Year offers a year-long remote working deal. 75 participants from across the globe and from a variety of industries spend one year working, travelling and exploring 12 cities around the world. They change locations every month, so they will soon be leaving their current location in Istanbul, Turkey and travel to Penang, Malaysia. The company doesn’t provide jobs so all participants are working on their own projects or for their remote clients.

And the cost? $2,000 (or £1,300 or €1,780) a month with a $3,000 (or £1,960 or €2,670) upfront fee which comes to a total of $27,000 (or £17,700 or €24,000) for the whole year. That includes all travel between destinations, accommodation, a coworking space with 24h internet access and organised activities such as tours and speakers.

Not bad if you consider the annual living costs in, say, London, and imagine that instead of taking the tube to work in the morning you could hail a rickshaw instead. Plus, of course, the benefits of working side-by-side with like-minded people from around the globe and nurturing your creative genius in a new exotic place each month.

Hacker Paradise

Similar to Remote Year, Hacker Paradise offers remote working experiences in different parts of the world with their next destination in Tokyo, Japan. However, participants don’t have to commit to a whole year abroad, so they can join in at any time at a location of their choosing. The term ‘hacker’ in the company’s name is quite loosely defined, so anyone with a creative mindset and a passion for what he or she does is welcome to apply.

Participation costs vary depending on the location, but a desk in a dedicated work-space with Wi-Fi, weekly lunches, group activities, and a private room near the coworking space are always included.


And now for the real treat. Coboat is an 82ft retrofitted sailing catamaran and floating coworking space. Yes, it’s a boat. Its electricity is entirely solar-generated and wind-powered and it sails from Southeast Asia all the way around the world through the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean to Australia.

There are multiple surfaces for laptops, satellite and Wi-Fi connections, and a crew to sail the boat and prepare meals each day. Accommodation in a shared twin cabin, three meals a day, unlimited Wi-Fi and entertainment such as scuba trips are all included in the £715 (or €980) weekly price.

So the next time you roll out of bed and sit down at your desk in jour PJs thinking there’s got to be more to the flexible lifestyle you were promised when you quit your 9-to-5, consider the options above. Because if you’re not tied to one location anyway, why not wake up to the sound of waves against the side of your coworking boat?

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Image source: Coboat


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