The Silliest Reasons Your High Street Bank Can Close Your Account Without Warning

High street banks are generally known for slow service, hidden costs and excluding a large number of people from getting a bank account in the first place, but there’s something that’s even more ridiculous. Each week five bank customers in the UK are told to withdraw their funds and leave, without any explanation from the bank at all. And that can even happen to long-time customers who are in good credit.

Some of the reasons your bank might decide to close your account are that you’ve lived abroad for a while, or you are simply being an unprofitable customer for them. Isn’t that ridiculous? You can read all the reasons in the full article here.

If you’re tired of the nonsense your old bank is giving you, check out Monese. We’re all you need from a bank, without the bank. Your account is opened in under 3 minutes on your mobile phone and you’ll get cheap international payments and a Visa debit card too. We’re open to all EU residents and we’ll never close your account just because we feel like it. Visit and join us!


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