Lessons in personal finance: say bye bye to New Year’s resolutions

Ah, January – the wonderful time when we all make countless resolutions about things we want to achieve this year. Like improving our finances, for example. For some reason, however, most of us get tired of keeping those resolutions some time around Valentine’s Day. So if you really want to improve your finances this year, we’ve got the secret sauce.

Instead of making resolutions that are hard to keep, take a hard look at some of the habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals no matter how many promises you make to yourself. We found a great article that helps you acknowledge and quit 7 toxic money habits that might be standing between you and your financial wellbeing. Read the full story here.

And if you’re looking for a free banking account you can open on your mobile in minutes, without worrying about your credit score, look no further. Your Monese account is open in less than 3 minutes and your snazzy Visa debit card is shipped your way instantly. We’re open to all EEA residents. Check us out and try us on for free! www.monese.com




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