Gym memberships are so yesterday – here’s what you really need to stay fit even on a budget

It goes without saying that staying fit is an important part of a healthy life. But how do you do it if gym memberships tend to cost an arm and a leg and oftentimes you simply end up being too busy to take full advantage of them?

Introducing smartphone apps. There’s myriad of them built to act as your personal trainers, helping you to get started, telling you what exercises to do and tracking your progress along the way. Whether you’re into yoga, crossfit or aerobics, you can be absolutely sure there’s an app for that. Even premium memberships are usually around £10/mo and you can squeeze in your exercise time whenever you feel like it.

To start you off, 6 really good fitness apps you might want to try out are listed here.

These apps are doing to gyms what fin-tech companies like Monese are doing to high street banks. No joke! Find out more about us here and open your very own banking account today – on your smartphone and for free.


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