Customisable notifications now available on your Monese app

Here at Monese we want to make you feel totally in control of your money. Until now, your Monese app has always notified you as soon as money arrives into your account and when your card is used.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Customisable notifications

With the new update you now have complete control over which notifications you get and how much information we show in them. You can edit your preferences in the app by opening the menu and tapping on “My account”.


We’ve added 4 options to help you get just the information you need at just the right time. You can choose whether you want us to:

  • Notify you about deposits
  • Notify you about card payments
  • Only notify you when the payment is bigger than a certain amount
  • Include balance in notifications

Let’s say you’re only interested in being notified when your salary arrives into your account. You simply need to turn on “Notify me about deposits” and set the threshold to an amount just below the amount you expect your salary to be.

Or what about if you’re out shopping and you want to conveniently know if you have enough money. You can turn on “Notify me about card payments” and “Include balance in notifications”. Voilà – you will know exactly how much money is left in your account after every purchase.

Edit your details in the app

In addition to being able to edit your notification preferences, you can now change your personal details within the app too. If your email address, phone number or postal address have changed, or you wish to change your app passcode, you can simply open the “My account” screen in your app and tap on the detail you’d like to change. Easy as pie!


All you need to do to access these new features is make sure you have the latest version of the app.


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