Make money on social media, without blogging

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Are you using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Chances have it that you are, considering more than one billion people are active on Facebook alone! There are countless stories of people making their fortunes on social media, but you don’t have to be a blogger extraordinaire to get a piece of the action. A penny saved, is a penny earned!

Follow the action

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Twitter is a great place for saving money online. With over 950 Million Twitter accounts, there is a huge possibility to use that to your advantage. When it comes to online shopping having a quick browse on Twitter can leave you quids in. Make sure you follow (and even better create a list) of voucher code and discount offer sites to get the most out of your online purchases. Two of the most popular to follow are @VoucherExpert and @vouchercodesuk.

Squad Goals

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Don’t overlook Facebook groups, they can be a goldmine of money saving tips, hacks and offers. One of the great things about Facebook groups is that you will find loads that are near to you, and they will vary from unwanted furniture needing a new home to more specific groups like parenting advice and discounts. Seriously worth a look!


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Forget using ‘the ‘Gram’ for dime a dozen selfies, it’s all about maximizing your bank balance, not just your likes! There are a few cool ways of making money via Instagram that can be as simple as posting a picture. One of the most popular sites for selling all your old, unwanted (pronounced vintage) clothes and accessories is Depop. You set up your account much like the classic Ebay, but you can post your pictures onto your Instagram and out to all your followers so they can go and shop your wardrobe.

Remember, with Monese you can receive payment directly into your current account from both national and international sources. The intuitive app allows you to see your transactions easily, so you won’t lose track of your money.


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