Time for a spring clean

giphy (15)

The sun is finally breaking and the clocks are soon to spring forward signalling that winter is finally over! Before we get all excited about the upcoming summer, let’s think about getting rid of our winter baggage. Decluttering can give you the space to think, de-stress and also boost your bank balance (so get selling all your unwanted things).

Does it make you happy?

giphy (16)

Decluttering doesn’t need to be stressful in itself. Many people have an emotional attachment to their things, but tidying queen Marie Kondo, suggests that we only keep the things that ‘spark joy’, and it’s a good motto to live by. If you are surprised that you still have it, then it can be chucked out, sold or recycled!

Oh, this old thing?

giphy (17)

Once you’ve started your clear out have a think about anything that you might be able to donate or sell. You’d be surprised at what things people are willing to pay a small fortune for. Any old VHS tapes lying around? They could be worth some money to collectors. Have anything large like old furniture that needs to go? Check your local Freecycle site, there are people local to you who might want it and may be willing to come and collect it from you. Remember you can receive payments in to your Monese account and you can deposit cash into your account via any UK PayPoint.

Now you have freed up space in your home and head (think messy room, messy mind), you can really appreciate the things you have and love. Moving forward think about what you are buying and crucially, does it make you happy?


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