Change your life in 2 minutes…

Have you ever wished for more time in the day? We are all short on time so when things move at a snails pace it can be incredibly infuriating! Here at Monese we know that some things don’t need to take an age. So we asked ‘what can you do in 2 minutes?’

  • Grab a coffee? Unlikely.
  • Get fit? You could try, but yeah, still unlikely.
  • Finally get round to switching your energy supplier? Nice try.
  • Open a new current account? Yes, with Monese!

It really does take only 2 minutes to open a Monese account. No tedious forms to fill out, no laborious bank visits and no digging around for copious amounts of paperwork. All you need is the app and your passport or national I.D. It’s that simple!

Now all you need to do it think about how you’ll spend all your saved time!




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