Have fun, we’ll pay!

We’ll reward you with £5 every time you bring a friend to Monese and they deposit money to their account for the first time. Your friends will get £5 too!

Here’s A Step By Step Guide

If you already have an account (good on you!) skip straight to step 3…

  1. First download the Monese app from here.
  2. Then sign up for your account using your passport or national ID, it takes 2 minutes.
  3. In the app menu you will find the ‘Invite Friends’ link. Click that and then enter your friends email and hit send. They will immediately receive an Invite to Monese!
  4. All your friend has to do now is download the app, open their own Monese account and make their first deposit; then £5 will be credited to both accounts.

Great, now you have your £5, here’s some interesting ways you could spend it:

  • Sign up to Love Film for unlimited movie nights! The first month is £4.99.
  • Treat yourself to a mid morning coffee and a croissant
  • Discover a new book or two from a charity book store
  • Travel! Some coach companies have fares for as little as £1.
  • Eat Fresh – enjoy fresh produce from a farmer’s market
  • Have a drink, it’s on us.
  • Strike it rich on the Lotto
  • Donate it to charity – £5 is enough to provide 8 people mosquito nets
  • Visit The Royal Shakespeare Company – special tickets are £5
  • Go bargain hunting and boot sales, you never know what you might find!

Remember, we’ll give you £5 each time you invite a new friend and they deposit in to their account for the first time.



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