Snap Your Fingers And It’s There…

Did you know that with Monese you can send money anywhere, instantly? From Scotland to Spain, it doesn’t matter where you are it will still be instant! Sending money to another Monese account is simple, here’s how:

  1. Open your Monese app
  2. Select ‘Make Payment’
  3. Type the receiver’s name  and select them from your contact list
  4. Add their Monese sort code and account number (if this isn’t already added)
  5. Type in the amount you want to send
  6. Click ‘Preview Payment’
  7. If your are happy with the details, swipe to pay
  8. Relax in the knowledge that the payment has arrived already!

Monese makes moving money easy and instant. With no delay you can make sure your money arrives safely in real time.

We’re on a mission to speed up payments across Europe. The more people that have Monese accounts the faster we’ll all be able to move money, so invite a friend!

You can also make transfers to non-Monese accounts. These are not instant, but they are cheap, just 0.5% on top of the mid market rate – one of the cheapest options on the market.

Now with all the time you’ve saved you can spend that little bit longer on the things that make you happy.


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