Top money saving lifehacks

A lifehack is defined by Urban Dictionary as “A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient”. At Monese we are big fans of ‘doing more, with less’ and many of the best lifehacks are based on making the most of what you’ve got to achieve amazing results.

With that in mind we decided to put together a set of awesome lifehacks that you can try out for yourselves – to make your own lives easier or more efficient.

Food Hacking
You can make your weekly supermarket shop go a lot further, save money and still eat like royalty by getting frugal with food. Look up some of the many recipe books and blogs online that give great advice on ingredients that are super cheap but can be combined to make delicious and well-rounded meals. Check out this site by supermarket giant Tesco that guides you on making meals on a budget.

1 Degree Cooler, 10% Richer
This one is a low hanging fruit! Simply by turning down your central heating by 1 degree you can save a whopping 10% on your annual fuel bill. You probably won’t notice the difference in temperature, but you’ll certainly notice the change in price. Ka-ching!

Send Money Abroad With Monese
So you need to send money abroad, to a family member or to pay a bill – but you don’t want to have to deal with money transfer services that will charge you an arm and a leg to do it. Well with a Monese account, you can send money overseas at the real mid-market exchange rate plus the small fee of 0.5%. You can save tons, compared to sending money with banks or high-street transfer services.


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