Lost in translation…

Here at Monese we’ve come to see the subtle differences in our London HQ, to our Estonian office. What might seem totally ordinary for Brits, other Europeans can find totally strange. Here is a few of our quite simply crazy British idiosyncrasies:

  • We will always say ‘anywhere here’s fine’ when we are in a taxi directly outside our house
  • If we still haven’t heard what you said after the second time we will just laugh and hope it’s appropriate (fingers crossed)
  • Happen to be standing next to the doors of the train? You will repeatedly press the open button before it’s illuminated, you know, just to reassure the other passengers that you’ve got this.
  • If someone is sitting next to you on your journey home you cannot open and eat your crisps, even if you are starving.
  • The horror of sharing your commute with an acquaintance, because you’ll feel obliged to sit next to and actually talk to them on the journey.
  • Saying ‘right’ before you stand up to leave, you simply cannot not say it.
  • Getting off the bus? Make sure you start fiddling with your bag or coat at least 10 minutes before you get off as you have to give the person next to you advanced warning to move.
  • The sheer panic you feel when walking past ‘Nothing to declare’ even though you packed your case and know you are not stashing anything untoward.
  • If you are asked a direct question you will always say ‘maybe’ even though you mean no.
  • Upon being asked ‘how are you?’ you must reply ‘good thanks’, even if you are not; it’s only polite.
  • Not being able to take the last biscuit even if you really want it.
  • The absolute relief you feel when the ticket inspector lets you pass, even though your ticket was perfectly valid.

No matter where you are in Europe you can use your Monese contactless Visa Debit card, make instant real-time payments and transfers that are only 0.5% above the mid-market rate (one of the cheapest around!) So there’s no need for your money to get ‘lost in translation’. We all definitely have a unique outlook on everyday life, but that’s what makes it interesting! What idiosyncrasies are unique to your culture?


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