The Truth About Saving Money

We’ve all heard varying advice about how we can make subtle changes to our homes and routines which can save us money, but how do we know what advice to follow or what is in fact a myth?

Money Saver or Myth?

“It’s much cheaper to keep your heating on ‘low’ all day.”

Is it really more cost efficient to keep the heating on low all day, rather than put it on as and when you need it? According to the Energy Saving Trust, this is a MYTH! They have said it’s a waste to keep the heating on when you’re out, even if it is on a low setting. For maximum efficiency, set a timer to make sure your house is warm when you need it.

Can tin foil and bubble wrap conserve heat?


Good quality kitchen foil placed behind the radiator will reflect heat back into the room, instead of it being sucked into the wall. You can buy special radiator reflector foil, which costs around £10, but tin foil will do the job in the short term. This is a MONEY-SAVER!

Will plugging up gaps in your home save you money?


Drafty holes and gaps around the home do cause a loss of heat. It’s easy to fix and could lead to savings of £25 to £50 a year. Pay particular attention to doors (including letter boxes and keyholes), windows, chimneys and floorboards. A chimney insulator can cost from £16 and claims to save the average person at least £64 a year. This is a MONEY-SAVER! 

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