11 mobile apps that will explode in 2016

It’s no secret that we are a company of techies at Monese – we’re particularly interested in mobile app tech, which should come at no surprise since:

  • We’re a pretty ‘mobile’ team with many of us traveling between our London headquarters and our second office in Tallinn
  • Our whole banking service operates over a mobile app

Since our customers are tech savvy enough to bank entirely on their mobile phones –  we also know that they too are pretty fond of mobile app tech. So we thought we’d share some of the apps that have been tipped to be massive in 2016.

  1. Anchor Radio by the people – https://anchor.fm/
  2. Chalk – Your personal chat room – https://www.heychalk.com
  3. Shorts – Follow people’s camera rolls – https://tryonshorts.com/
  4. Roger – Beautiful conversations, walkie-talkie style – https://rogertalk.com/
  5. Down To Lunch – Press one button to get lunch with friends – http://imdtl.com/
  6. Assist – Do you really need an entire app for that? – http://www.assi.st/
  7. Gotta Go – Your free ‘excuse-to-leave’ generator – https://gottago.io/
  8. List – Easy list for just about anything – https://li.st/
  9. Peach – A way to keep up with friends and be yourself – http://peach.cool
  10. Tribe – xperiential ‘EM‘ Messaging – http://tribe.pm/
  11. Monese – The current account for mobile people – https://www.monese.com/

This year there is a massive trend in apps that aid communication – and realtime communication via apps is very quickly becoming the norm… We figured things would go this way, so we built realtime payments between Monese accounts from day one. If you’re not yet a customer, open you account now and see what a game changer that is for sending money to your family and friends.

We’ll give you £5 every time you invite a friend to Monese and they deposit money for the first time. Start earning money now!


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