Short on time? You can still get fit

Nothing boosts your physical and mental well-being like regular exercise – the problem is that in today’s hectic and demanding world not everyone can find the spare cash to afford a monthly gym membership, and even if they could it doesn’t mean they can find the time!

But don’t give up hope – there’s another way to reach your fitness goals and the best part is, the exercise hacks we’re about to share can fit into literally any schedule and any budget (largely because they’re free!).

Work standing up
– Standing up during your working day could actually be better for your overall health than going to the gym for an hour and then sitting down for the rest of the day. It’ll help improve your posture and extra burn calories – win, win.

Drink more water
–  Even mild dehydration can negatively affect your concentration and mood. Drinking water will help keep you mentally sharp and will mean you go to the toilet more often, all those back and forth trips add up and count towards your daily exercise. Bonus: Why not go to a toilet slightly further away than usual or up a flight of stairs to burn some extra calories.

Abs while you wait
– It’s possible to work towards a perfectly toned tummy anywhere, even when you’re sitting down at a desk or standing still by simply tensing and releasing your abs. Imagine your belly button touching your backbone, and gradually work up to holding your abs in for longer and longer periods. 15 minutes of this, on and off throughout the day.

Run to work
– No excuses here, even if you don’t live close enough to run to work you can travel to a closer point and run from there. You’ll save money on public transport or petrol and get valuable exercise in at the same time.

Try these simple fitness hacks to get in shape safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you any money or time!

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