This is how to get more done

Too much to do, too little time to do it? We’ve all been there and it can incredibly frustrating. You feel like you are working all the time, yet your to do list keeps getting longer not shorter. Using these tips you can get more efficient, more organised and learn better time management. This should mean you get more of your tasks accomplished each day.



  • Change your location

Combating boredom when working can be a real struggle. The more bored you are the more likely you are to stop what you are doing and get willingly distracted. Even if you are able to ignore some distractions (looking at you Netflix), your mind can still wander and before you know it, you’ve lost half the day. Try changing your location. Go and work from somewhere new, like a coffee shop or cafe where you can get yourself comfortable, and get your head down to work. Not having home comforts makes it easier to avoid distraction, so you’ll get more done.


  • No reason, don’t do it!

Not exactly sure why you are filling your time with a task that isn’t ending? Not sure why it’s taking so much time? Ask yourself what the purpose of you doing it is, and if it’s not a valid reason just stop. There is no need to keep doing unnecessary tasks, they just take up your time.



  • Address your space


Have a look at the space where you work. Is it a little cluttered? Too dark? Uncomfortable? Having a nice place to work really affects your productivity. Try throwing away junk and getting better lighting. If really needed, try freshening up with a new lick of paint. Fresh clean spaces will definitely help you to be more productive.



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