What you should buy second hand

Whilst it is a good idea to buy some things new, like perishables (including cosmetics) or safety equipment (think bike helmets and child car seats); some items can be much more cost effective to buy used. Here’s a few suggestions on what to buy used to save some money:



New cars suffer from depreciation, that is as soon as you drive away from the dealership you instantly lose a few thousand pounds. Save some money buy buying used cars from reputable dealerships who specialise in selling quality used vehicles. These vehicles may come with warranties and may have been previously checked by in house mechanics, meaning that if you run into any trouble (within their terms and conditions) you can go back to the dealership for help; but again, the responsibility is on you to check out what’s on offer fully before you make any purchases.



Bikes, especially kids bikes, are great to buy used. Kid’s outgrow bikes very quickly so it make sense to buy them used until they are a little older, or if they grow to need a more specialised high performance bike. Always check the bikes papers for ownership and make sure the tyres are usable before you purchase.



Whether you are reading for pleasure or for study, books are a great thing to buy second hand. Check in you local library or charity book store for your new reads as this could save you some money. Also, when you are finished with your book consider selling or donating it to others. Textbooks can be quite expensive and real savings can be made in buying them used.



You could save a fair amount of money buying second hand furniture. This can be one of the best ways of kitting out your home for no too much money. Quite often you can find well made quality furniture of old that would cost hundreds, if not thousands new. It’s best to steer clear of soft furnishing unless you know exactly where it’s coming from, you wouldn’t want to introduce any pests into your home. Make sure you check for structural damage, broken drawers or shelves and for knocks or chips on corners.

Remember you can use your Monese card to pay for your good wherever Visa is accepted and you can make transfers and payments easily through our app, and you can of course, get cash via cash points.



Main photo credit: pixeljones via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA


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