Feeling trapped? Travel yourself free

Having a holiday can give you so much more than just rest and relaxation. You get to feel excitement from new experiences, people and places. What’s more, you come home with a new found outlook on life; you feel invigorated and can have a whole host of new ideas and be filled with joie de vivre. But what if you can’t get away anywhere as soon as you’d like? Let’s face it, travelling is expensive and having the time to travel is not always there, but you can still scratch that travel itch with some forward planning.

Don’t immediately write off all your travel idea just because it’s expensive. Have a think about where you’d like to go, near or far? If you’re hankering for adventure you might need or want to go for a longer period, think about when that may be possible. Also think about what you really must see and do. Cutting down on must-haves will save you time and money. By simply having a time frame you change your thinking from ‘I could really do with a holiday’ to ‘I can’t wait for my holiday!’ If you start planning with a rough idea of where and when you want to go (this could be a few years in the future) you can also begin to put money aside for the trip.

Make the most of the wait. You might think that waiting a few years for your holiday would be incredibly frustrating, and for the impatient few this may be the case. However there is some evidence that proves otherwise. Research published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life  found that ‘for most, the enjoyments starts weeks, even months before the holiday actually begins.’ This is great news if you are not going away soon. Take the time to research about your destination and figure out great things to do there, it all adds to your experience.

If far away travel is not really your thing you should still take regular short breaks. Mini breaks keep you motivated because they are restorative. Many studies have shown that people perform better when they have spent some time in a natural setting. So make sure you get out for a break during the day, and when you can, take a couple of days off and go somewhere new.

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Photo credit: sdaponte


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