These Instagram shots prove that the UK is 99% wilderness

When the UK is mentioned it often conjures up thoughts of double decker buses, red phone boxes and bobbies on the beat. It doesn’t usually inspire thoughts of open wilderness. The truth is that the UK is still jam packed with nature. According to the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), 98% of England is still natural (not built on) and this rises to 99% for the rest of the country.

No matter where you are you can still be in total control of your finances with Monese. There’s no need to be near a bank branch, or to be tied to your desktop computer to look after your money. Just have the Monese app on your smartphone and you are free to go wherever you like.

Perhaps even some of the locations below…

You can go canoeing down rivers in the wilderness

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Lake District, United Kingdom 🌍 cc: Matt Jones

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Marvel at waterfalls

Walk along sweeping coastlines

Watch the boats at a historical harbour

Ramble over rolling hills

Mountain climb across snowy peaks

Explore deep caves

Dicover mysterious castles

Cross rocky rivers


Getting money into your Monese account is also easy. You can receive bank transfers direct to your account or you can can deposit cash at one of the 28,000 Paypoint locations across the country. As soon as you open your account you will be able to make payments, check your up-to-date balance, review your transactions and get paid to invite friends – plus much more.


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