Find out how your habits are holding you back

How many of your habits are good? In the words of Aristotle ‘we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.’ We all have a few bad habits that we know we should change, but building good habits is difficult. There are a few easy steps to try that can help you set good habits.

Dream big


A study on motivation has found that abstract thinking is actually an effective method to help with building discipline. Try to not get distracted or intimidated by your big dreams. Instead of shooting for your main goal straight away, create intrinsic motivators and set small daily quotas that are the minimum amount that you must get done everyday. You’ll soon find that the small changes you’ve made soon add up to form a bigger part towards your overall goal.

Eliminate ‘What the hell’ moments


Minor setbacks and frustrating moments are habit killers; they give us excuses to skip our habit or trick us into thinking it’s okay just to forget the whole thing when we mess up. Instead take a close look at your routine, particularly at moments right before starting a new session for your habit, and decide what is giving you “analysis paralysis,” or the internal struggle in your mind to do or not do something.

The willpower effect


Early repetitions are the key to forming new habits. Doing the same task day in day out may be boring, but it works. Removing the decision of whether or not you are going to do the task makes it easier to stick to. If there is no choice it will get done, and slowly, it will become a habit, changing your life for the better. At the beginning you will need plenty of willpower to get through, but as time goes on you will find you need less and your tasks get much easier to fulfil. 


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