Having a productivity slump? Get boosted here…

Staying productive can be tricky, especially if you are surrounded by distractions from other colleagues in a busy office, or if you work from home – the lure of home comforts. Staying focused and not letting your standards drop is the number one priority and will ultimately mean you keep on track and meet your targets and deadlines.

The good news is that there are now a whole army of apps ready to get you organised. Here are a few suggestions:

Rescue Time Android

Do you know what you are spending all your time on? You probably have a rough idea but this nifty app will spell it out to you. It gives you a clear breakdown of what’s getting most of your attention, there are graphs and charts presenting you the data. Why do you need this I hear you say? Well, imagine (or perhaps you are) a writer, you might be unaware that you are spending far too much time on research than actually writing; now it makes a little more sense right?

BufferAndroid or iOS

Buffer has had a huge rise in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Buffer allows you to schedule all your social media posts, with one click you can aggregate all you work output simultaneously across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus. It’s extremely useful to anyone that needs to coordinate their posts to a particular time.

Asana Android

Productivity apps are now becoming much more commonplace in the workplace, particularly in startups and smaller companies. Asana is a great collaborative tool which allows teams to work together instantly and unimpeded. It works in real time so no need for endless email chasing or phone calls.  

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Lead photo credit: gothick_matt


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