Not exercised this week? This is what has happened to your body…

Whether you do it in the gym, walking the dog or even just a long walk the amount of exercise you get is important. Experts at the Department of Health and Human Services recommend we all do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Over time this can reduce your chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes by 40%, Cardiovascular disease by 35%, Depression by 30% and some cancers by 20%.

This is good news if you exercise regularly, but did you know what happens if you stop for just one week? Here are some of the chemical changes that occur in your body over your week off:

Your blood sugar increases


Eating healthily and having a good exercise routine balances your blood sugar levels. When you eat your glucose levels go up but then level out as your body expends energy, which is exactly how your body should work to remain healthy. However just 5 days off exercise your blood sugar level stay high, and according to the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise ‘if you stay sedentary, continuously creeping glucose readings can raise your risk of heart disease and diabetes.’

Your body fat increases

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Men’s Health reports that ‘within a week, your muscles lose some of their fat-burning potential and your metabolism slows down.’ A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that college swimmers who took a five week workout break gained on average a 12 percent fat mass.

Your brain suffers

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There are limited studies into the effect of a sedentary lifestyle on the brain, but there have been studies on rats that we can compare to. The journal Brain, Behaviour and Immunity published research that found rats who didn’t move for a week grew fewer new brain cells than healthy, more active rats. The sedentary rats also had a tougher time in navigating mazes too.

Your blood pressure rises

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It doesn’t even take a whole week for the pressure to rise, on the days you don’t exercise your blood pressure is already higher than on the days you are active. When are not being active your blood vessels constrict causing your blood pressure to rise. Having high blood pressure can cause damage to your heart leaving you with a higher risk of heart attacks and heart disease.

So overall it’s a good idea to keep up your exercise routine and you don’t have to wait a long time to reap the benefits. Just like with a Monese account. It only take 2 minutes to open and you will be sent your contactless Visa Debit card. You’ll be given your own UK sort code and account number straight away too. With the Monese app you can send and receive money in real-time, no waiting. Using our app you can also make payments, check your up-to-date balance, review your transactions, get paid to invite friends – plus much more.



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