Food glorious food, for less…

Online shopping has caused a revolution in retail. Nearly half of us now buy groceries online, with one in ten doing all their food and drink shopping via the internet, according to research by Mintel.

Here’s some tips on how you can save money shopping online, without the need to forgo any treats:

Shop but don’t drop!

giphy (6)

Doing your grocery shop online gives the added benefit of being able to shop around, all without the need to actually visit every store. Using a comparison site like you can do your regular shop online and they will compare the price for the items across 13 different supermarkets, and numerous independent stores. They claim it can save you 30% (on average) off your regular grocery shop.

What’s the cost?

giphy (8)

Another good thing about shopping online is that it makes it easier to see exactly what you are buying and what’s costing you the most. Have a look at your past receipts to see if there are savings to be made. Check if any items could be cheaper to buy in bulk, such as alcohol. Also cut down on wastage. Look at any items that you buy out of habit, but might not actually need or anything that ends up in the bin.

Be careful of ‘special offers’

giphy (7)

All the deals like special offers, cashback and vouchers were invented to make you spend more money, not less. Don’t get sucked in to buying any items that you wouldn’t usually buy, or getting more than you need just because it’s ‘on offer’. It will make you spend more money and could end up as waste if not used.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach!

giphy (9)

This might sound silly but don’t do your grocery shopping when you are hungry. You’ll end up buying more than you may need and the items you buy might not be the best for you. You don’t want to end up with a cupboard full of biscuits and crisps but no fruit and veg!

You can use your Monese card to pay for your online shop just the same as you would any other online transaction. Get yours now!


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