Why your budget flight may cost you…

It’s that time where we are all thinking about and booking our summer holidays. Having settled on a destination you need to find cost friendly flights. There are many low-cost airlines, but are they really as cheap as they claim? Here’s a few things to look out for when booking low-cost airfares:

Luggage fees

Many low-cost airlines charge you a fee to check in your luggage in to the hold. If you need to check in any luggage it’s best to book them in at the same time you book your flight. If you leave it until you are at the airport it can cost you substantially more. A 15k bag on Ryanair will cost you £30 each way in the high season, whilst Flybe will charge a flat £21.

Seat reservation fees

Low cost airlines usually charge if you want to reserve your seat. If you don’t reserve a seat the airline will randomly allocate you one, and this is not guaranteed to be next to the others in your group. If you want a standard seat Norwegian charges £7 and on Ryanair it’s £8. If you want a non-standard seat such as a window seat, extra leg room or in the first couple of rows, you could find yourself paying up to £25 per seat.

Booking fees

If you choose to fly with popular airline Easyjet be prepared to pay a booking fee of £13. Almost all the low-cost airlines charge a booking fee, and some charge an extra fee of 2% to 3% if you pay by credit card.

Airport check in

Make sure you always check in and print your boarding pass at home and not at the airport. Many airlines charge if you check in at the airport and anothers charge if they provide you with your boarding pass. This costs £45 with Ryanair, so not cheap.

So how can you get the most from your budget flight? If you can, try to be as flexible as possible. Only bring hand-luggage, be ready to sit wherever they put you and pack your own food. If that’s not an option then you should tally up what the entire cost of the flight will be, including all the extras, as you might find that going with a different all-in airline might work out to be cheaper.





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