Digital Nomads – How to keep your remote team happy

Having a team of highly skilled workers who have a wide view on the world can be great for business. Keeping your remote team happy, motivated and productive takes a little more effort than it would do if the team were based locally. You need all your team members to communicate seamlessly and feel a sense of inclusivity.

A study on the link between work loneliness and employee performance found that people are not as committed to a company if they don’t feel like they belong. Their coworkers will pick up on the lack of commitment and it could lead to some resentment, which only strengthens the negative feelings. As a team leader, it’s up to you to make sure this doesn’t happen, here’s how…

Talk, talk and talk some more

The staff in different time zones from the rest of the company can often feel like they are ‘late to the party’. They miss things that most take for granted like the arrival of new office workers or team drinks, which can leave them feeling a little forgotten about. One way you can bring them back into the loop is to use new work communication channels like Slack. It allows you to talk to each other instantly and it’s great for sharing updates as and when they happen.

Onboarding – do it right!

When you get new hires, especially if they are international, make sure you pay attention when onboarding them. Fully induct them into your ways of working, who’s who in your teams and if possible have someone local to where they are to be paired with. Also have a think about what happens when they need to join the rest of the team. Maybe give them a day before they are due in to travel, it gives them time to recuperate (definitely needed if there will be any jet lag).

Be fair

Try and make sure that your international workers have the same (or as close to) benefits that your local staff have. This can be tricky as there may be tax implications, but if you can, you should make sure there is unity in the team across the board. If this is not going to work then some companies will pay their remote workers a little more in lieu of benefits. If you are a large company consider getting a benefits management program.

Don’t forget the minutiae

It’s important to not forget the details. Having a great culture is imperative to building solid working relationships. Don’t forget to recognise that people have things going on in their lives, and take an interest! Send cards or a cupcake or two for birthdays and don’t forget the small talk, it all helps.

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