Monese – The Best Challenger Bank in Europe!

Monese has been voted the ‘Best Challenger Bank’ at the European Fintech Awards. On April 14 the 2016 European Fintech Awards and Conference held one of the largest events in Europe dedicated to the financial technology sector and its ecosystem. Monese faced strong competition in the challenger bank category, beating 19 others to win the accolade. 

The Best Challenger Bank title recognises Moneses efforts to bring pioneering fintech innovation to European banking, and to provide UK current accounts to mobile people. The title also recognises the challenge Monese present to the large legacy banks who are not able to be as agile and adopt new cutting edge strategies that enable Monese to flourish.

The awards are an initiative of Alex von Groningen Group BV, which set out to ‘identify and showcase innovative fintech companies products, services and business models.’ They also showcase the best in European fintech at their events and connect companies to investors and advisors, with the overall aim of helping fintech companies ‘grow and become more successful.’


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