Is cash still king?

According to The Co-operative Food, within the next decade we will all be using our phones to pay for goods and services, rather than cash. They have found that contactless payments have tripled in the past 12 months in their stores and they had nearly 11 million cashless transactions in one month alone.

If you are considering going cashless here are some easy ways you can do it:

Contactless card


Paying with a contactless card is easy and much faster than paying by cash. The spend limit is currently set at £30 per transaction. All Monese debit cards are contactless and can be used anywhere there is a contactless reader, including the Transport for London network.

Spend online


You can use your Monese card to shop online. You can use also link your Monese card to your Paypal account so you can shop securely wherever Paypal is accepted.

Use your phone


Why not use your smartphone to pay for goods? Using a digital wallet you can use your smartphone to pay in the same way you’d use your contactless card. Apple Pay is already available in the UK and Google Pay will be launching in the ‘next few months’.


Main photo credit: canino_rd


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