Travel happy with these apps…

Put your smartphone to good use when you travel by using the best apps. No need to scour the internet for suggestions; here are the best travel apps available:



Easy to use and comprehensive, Citymapper is really the only journey planner you need on your phone. It has more detailed journey information than Google. It has real-time departures and alerts, cycle routes and integrated Uber services. Available in 30 cities worldwide, your city-break is sure to be covered. Oh and if you ever need to travel by jet-pack, it will let you know how long your journey will take.



This is a great app to help you learn a new language and has over 70 million people registered to their service. It’s well designed and fun to use whilst you get to grips with basic grammar and vocabulary.

App in the air


App in the air is a nifty flight tracking app that has the best coverage of airline and airports. One of the best features of the app is that it keeps you updated on your flight status, even if you don’t have internet coverage. It also breaks your flight into four stages to help you manage your time in the airports. It’s incredibly hand if you are travelling through more than one airport.

Google Translate


Didn’t have enough time to master language on Duolingo? Don’t worry, Google’s translator app (available on both iOS and Android) can pick up the slack. It works by using your phone camera to translate text (think signs or menus), instantly.

Don’t forget to pack your Monese card! It will work wherever you go, as long as Visa is accepted. It’s also perfect for getting money fast using the instant transfers feature. Also keep an eye on your holiday spending with the new Insta-balance feature.


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