How much is your time worth?

The struggle to find the right balance between work and life is something we can all relate to. In a culture where working long hours has become the new normal, finding time for life outside of work can be difficult. It’s becoming increasingly more important to pay attention to the time you spend at work vs your home life. Neglecting your personal life can have serious implications for your future, including your work. It can lead to burnouts, apathy, relationship breakdowns and stress.

How do you move forward and achieve the right balance? Have you ever thought about attaching a monetary value to your personal time? How much would you need to be paid to make working in your personal time worth it? One study by Fidelity Investments with American workers claimed that 4 out of 10 of them would be willing to sacrifice up to $7,600 (£5207.08) to maintain their current balance.

Working out how much your time is worth is a good starting point in thinking about what’s worth your time and what can wait. When you come to negotiating your salary, you are really deciding how much a job is worth to you. It helps to think about how many hours you are working (or expected to work) and how demanding your role is to have an idea of how much your personal time is worth too. This might not break down to an actual figure, but consider what salary is ‘enough’ for you and at which threshold money becomes less important than having more time.

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Main photo credit: Delwin Steven Campbell



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