Get hired in 8.8 seconds


Are you on the hunt for a new job or perhaps you are trying to change your career? Either way you need a c.v that will do you justice. According to new research you have less than 9 seconds to impress a potential new employer. So you need to make sure your c.v is up to scratch to make sure you bag an interview. Here’s some top tips that you can make to your c.v now which will help it stand out for all the right reasons:

giphy (11)Keep it concise

Nothing is more off putting for an employer than receiving a c.v that is more like a short novel. No-one has time to read pages and pages of a c.v, so try and keep it to a single page, certainly no more than 2 pages long.

giphy (12)Make it clear

The aim is to get your c.v noticed but not because it’s spectacularly bad. As far as design goes, keep it simple. Use classic fonts and definitely no coloured paper. For some design examples have a look at They have over 8000 resume samples that have been professionally written to help give you inspiration.

giphy (13)Be relevant

You only have 9 seconds to make the all important first impression, so your opening statement needs to make it clear why you are the right person for the job. Don’t waffle in this section (or at all), and make your reason for applying perfectly clear.

giphy (14)Avoid the cringe factor

Don’t use any office jargon, it’s cringy and will automatically turn anyone reading your c.v off. Have a look at the LinkedIn top buzzwords and try to not use them. The idea is to prove you can do them, not just say it.

giphy (15)Be interesting

Try and show some personality in your resume. But remember to keep it professional. Think less of the ‘wild party animal’ and more of the ‘run marathons for charity’.giphy (16)Get connected

If you have not set it up already, then get a LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to connect directly to hiring managers and recruiters. Also, if you have applied for a role, find the hiring manager and drop them a message to let them know. It helps to go direct wherever you can. If you have any other relevant social channels (again think professional not personal) then let them know. Showing that you are active in your field independently of work is a great plus.

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