Want to know the secret to success?

Success can come in many forms. You can have monetary success, political power or even cultural success by way of fame. There are many people that have been hugely successful and they usually share some similar underlying traits and patterns of working. These patterns allow them to build rich and fulfilling work and home lives.

Here are some of the simple strategies that successful people follow, so take note:

Define your success

Jeff Pearlman, author or two New York Times best sellers, defines his success in a different way than expected. He believes that having more personal time where he can be at home with his children and not having to miss important home events is his real success. Undoubtedly he is a successful author, but this allows him to have the freedoms associated with success, not what defines his success entirely.

Be respectful

Try to always listen to others, no matter their standing. Everyone has a story which gives them a unique viewpoint, and if you pay attention you’ll be able to learn something that you would have missed otherwise.

Don’t worry about the ‘how’

Do you have a great idea or an amazing opportunity has come your way but you struggle to see how you’ll make it work? Stop doubting yourself and just make a start. Many successful people started with just an idea or an opportunity. They didn’t let the worry about ‘how’ stop them from moving forward, they just ‘did’. Make a plan, consider thinking backwards if it helps – think about the overall goal and then ask yourself in small steps what it takes to get there (working backwards from the finish line to the beginning).

Stop complaining

Complaining serves no real purpose and it’s actually bad for you. Take your gripes and work through them. You’ll get less stressed with every step towards your goal. Remember every bump in the road is a lesson to learn.

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