Get 7.5 years younger with this one simple action

We are all aware of what we can do to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. Eating right, getting some exercise and taking a break from work all help to get our bodies in peak physical condition (or as near as we can get to it!).

But what about our ageing brains? Our brains are amazingly resilient and continue to produce brain cells long into adulthood, but eventually this slows. Scientist can actually see the physical changes that happen to the brain as it ages, with decreases in grey and white matter. But a new study reveals there is a surprising way that you can slow the ageing process of your brain so that it can resemble one of a much younger person. So what is this miracle?


Yes, simple meditation. Researchers used a specially designed computer program to evaluate the brain age of 50 meditators and 50 non-meditators, astonishingly they found that ‘experienced meditators have brains that appear 7.5 years younger, on average, than non-meditators’. It was also noted that the older the meditator the more of an anti-ageing effect was seen in their brain. ‘It was the older meditators who had brains that seemed particularly well-preserved, suggesting that meditation provides protection against the brain cell loss associated with ageing,’ notes the BPS.

This research adds to the long line of reasons why you should consider taking up meditation. Some studies have shown meditation to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and boost your creativity. Meditation or mindfulness has even been shown to increase your profits by allowing you to make ‘more profitable decisions’. And what’s more, it’s easy to get started with meditation and mindfulness, so why not give it a try?

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