Are you ready for the unexpected?

Here’s the scenario, you’ve got a good job, great friends and family around you and life is going well. Then something comes out of the blue and completely shifts your focus. How do you plan for such events? Whilst it’s difficult, it’s not impossible and we’ll show you how:

Keep positive
Keeping a positive attitude will help you to get over any unexpected hurdles that come your way. If you are not naturally good at being positive in the face of adversity, find others who are. Their positive attitude and/or their belief in you will help push through the hard times.

Know exactly what your priorities are. If you can identify what are the ‘has to haves’ in your life are then you can quickly identify what tasks can wait and where you can make cutbacks. 

Think long-term
If you know what goal you want to reach, you’ll find the means to get there, even if prospects aren’t good in the short-term. Plan beyond the immediate future to ensure you are working to long-term stability and success. You don’t want to enter a cycle of problems.

Get skilled now
In times of crisis you need to rely on the skills you already have to make sure you can work through your issue. The more skills you have the better you’ll be able to cope if anything goes wrong. Skills give the option of something to fall back on and hopefully this will translate into opportunities that you can grab to help solve your problems.

If you need to get more skilled there are many free online courses that offer accreditation, flexibility and a wide range of subjects. Have a look at the Khan Academy for some great courses. Also, you could use (try the free trial) for a massive range of professional tutorial courses.

Remember to recover
Don’t feel bad if you need to take time to recover after an unexpected event has happened to you. You need to remember to prioritise your physical and mental health to be able to continue on your path to success. Ignoring any emotional needs you may have can have devastating long-term results, making it harder to reach your goals.

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