Get your child skilled up with these simple steps

Whilst we all have high hopes and ambitions for our children, we can’t tell for certain where they might end up. However we can try to instil the right values, entrepreneurial spirit and confidence so that they are skilled, focussed adults. 

Passion and purpose

Try to get an understanding of what your child likes and as they get older pay attention to what piques their interest. While not every passion your child has will be the path they choose to follow, nor may it be the most profitable, it’s important to teach them to feel passionate about something. If you work in a career that you love you’ll feel fulfilled, which will keep you motivated and happy in work.

Creative thinking and problem solving

If your child comes to you with a complaint or problem, encourage them to think outside the box to solve it. Get your child to brainstorm and visualise possible solutions to each problem, encouraging both logical and off-the-wall solutions.

Some of the most successful people today are individuals that solved a problem with a unique or out-of-the-box idea.


Everyone needs to be effective communicators and in work this skill is vital. It can be the difference to securing a great new job, or landing a promotion. Sometimes young children can naturally think and talk about themselves all of the time, which is fine when they are little but as they get older try to make sure they understand how to communicate with others.

One way you can do this is to encourage your children to ask others thought-provoking and non-invasive questions that others will love to answer. Questions are great at teaching your children how to engage others in a thoughtful discussion, while practicing deeper listening skills. They might even learn something along the way.

Growing an entrepreneurial spirit in your child is a slow and steady process that you work on as your child is growing and not as a short-term exercise. It may all pay off in the long run though as they become skilled, capable adults who have a great focus in life and job satisfaction.



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