Don’t get a lazy brain…

Each side of our brain has its own unique function. The left side deals with the linear, logical and detail orientated tasks and the right focuses on visual and creative tasks. All of us have a left or right side dominance, which can factor in decisions, particularly in what we might choose as our career.

Despite the dominance, the brain functions best when both sides are active and involved in learning and activities. When you engage both sides of your brain, neural connections are made that allow them to work together better in the future.

Here are some ways you can exercise both sides of your brain:

  1. Visualisation and hands on activity
    When you visualise you are using the right hand side of your brain. To engage the left hemisphere of your brain try creating a project that needs details. For example, try redecorating – you need to visualise how you want your space to look, but you also need to create a detailed plan of how to achieve the look. This engages both sides of your brain. 
  2. Use your non-dominant hand
    Try using your non-dominant hand for small tasks throughout the day. It will help to lessen your dependence on one side of your brain. 
  3. Use mind-maps
    Creating a mind map stimulates the visual and creative right side of the brain, but they also need to include words that need to be organised into categories, which engages the left side of your brain. 
  4. Have some fun!
    Being active helps your brain as you need to think about your actions and then physically move. A fun simple task that you can do is juggling. Juggling requires hand-eye coordination which forces the brain to work as one.

The more connections that are made in your brain the better problem solver and innovator you will become. Being able to tackle tasks from both the creative and logical aspects will give you the edge on your competition. You will be able to think fast and produce more ideas and solve problems in new ways, which is something we could all do with being a little better at.

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