The best thing you can do today is be selfish

Being selfish goes against almost everything we have been taught our whole lives. You are told to be caring, to share and to help others as much as you can. Whilst this is good solid advice, sometimes you need to ignore it.

Being selfish allows you to devote time to working on yourself, which is better off in the long-term for everyone. In many situations, acting in your own self-interest can be good for your physical and mental health, it can mean that you are more likely to end up in leadership roles, and counterintuitively, it can improve your relationships.

Here are some ways that you can be selfish in the right way:

Say no

Learn to say no more often. It’s easy to get caught up in the worry that you’ll upset someone if you say no, but on the flip side, you might find yourself saying yes to too many things you don’t want to do, which will make you miserable. In reality, you should be able to say ‘no’ without worry and fear of offending or feeling guilty.

When the time comes, be assertive and say no. Being assertive doesn’t mean you need to be aggressive, it means you can be honest, without fear of reprisal.

Put down your phone

People in the UK spend an average of 2 hours on their mobile phone or tablet device every day. A lot of that time is spent unnecessarily procrastinating. It can be difficult to step away, especially if your friends all communicate through social media and group chats. But here is where it pays to be selfish. Cut down the time you spend calling/texting or generally ‘messing around’ on the internet and you will have a far richer experience when you do meet up with friends, as well as freeing up time to spend on yourself every day.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to develop or learn new skills. Personal development will not only expand your horizons but it can also mean that you can help more others in the long run. So take some time to discover something new or improve and master some skills you already have.

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Main photo credit: Hoffnungsschimmer



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