You deserve a pay rise – here’s how to get it…

It’s not always easy to talk about your salary, but sometimes it might be necessary. Imagine that you have been working for your company for a few years, but you haven’t yet received a pay rise or a significant bonus, and you feel like you are not being paid as much as you deserve.

You’ll need to raise the issue with your manager, but don’t worry, using our tips below should help in securing your pay rise.

Be prepared:

Make sure you have done some research by looking at what your position is worth in other companies. Look at job ads and salary surveys for comparison. It will help in your salary negotiations if you are armed with evidence to back up your request.

Prove your success

Make a note of when you have had any particular success at work particularly if the work has resulted in bringing in more money or otherwise benefited the business. Make sure the decision makers know about your achievements.

Think about your value

When you are talking about your pay rise to your manager emphasise how committed you are to your job and that you get a lot of satisfaction from it. This gives them a chance to make your job more attractive, whilst feeling like you’ll appreciate it.

Talk to the right people

In your company is your manager the right person to talk to about your salary? Some companies have pay-review bodies, so talking to them might be more appropriate.

Be present

Make sure you schedule some time with your manager specifically to talk about your pay rise, and make it a face to face conversation. This allows your manager to look at the pay structure and they can come prepared.

Remember, if you are told you can’t get a pay rise immediately ask what you can do to move up the pay band in your company, and also if there is a set structure or objectives you need to achieve to do so. If you are given a time when a pay rise might be possible in the future, make a note of it and when the time comes, chase it up. In the unlikely event that a pay rise is completely off the cards, think about other things of value you can ask for – maybe extra holiday, flexible working or more office space. Your manager may be able to offer these instead.

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