Three unique ways to land your dream job

Still searching for your dream job? You might have years under your professional belt but still be looking for the golden ticket when it comes to work – finding something that pays well and is also fulfilling and enjoyable.

There are some tried and tested methods to find your dream job like looking at the best jobs to get into this year, or getting some career advice and counselling or taking one of the various personality and skills test to point you in the right direction. But there are other options that might just lead you down the right road when it comes to thinking about what job you’d love.

How do you work?

Instead of thinking about what you want to do, think of where you want to do it. Chris Guillebeau, author of Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do says ‘The way we work is just as important as the work itself. Working conditions include things such as how you prefer to spend your time, how much you like to work collaboratively versus independently, and how you like to be rewarded.’ He goes on to warn ‘Most people rarely think about the day-to-day ways in which they’ll be spending their time when they pick a career path. They just consider the overarching big picture or the difference they seek to make. But it’s really hard to keep the big picture in focus if you’re hating the moment-to-moment!’


Every job you try is one more piece of information about what you like or dislike. Get yourself a side hustle. A side hustle brings you in additional money, whilst giving you more chances to explore different ways of making money, which could lead to your dream job. It can also be incredibly satisfying as it’s something that you’ve created, which gives you confidence and added financial security.

Be a quitter

Forget the old adage that ‘winners never quit’ as it’s actually terrible advice. There is a massive difference between quitting and knowing when to let go. If you are doing something that isn’t working, you need to recognise that and stop. Take your knowledge that it didn’t work and move forward without prolonging or repeating the same mistake.



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