Looking for a job? Don’t make these mistakes…

Don’t make getting a new job harder than it already is. Watch out for these mistakes that many people make when applying for a new job:

Start early


Most people don’t start their job search soon enough. You should leave yourself at least a few months to find and secure a new job. It always takes longer to find new work than you might think. Finding the right role in a company you like and for the right salary is not a simple task, so don’t be surprised if it takes much longer than you thought it would. Oh, and always find work whilst you are still in your current job. Never leave you job then try to find work, or you may quickly find that you end up with no job at all for a while.

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Secure your social

If you wouldn’t want you current employers to see you social media profiles, then you definitely don’t want your new ones seeing it. Make sure you adjust your settings so that they are private. Conversely, if you have a professional social presence, tell future employers about it so they can see that you are active in your field.

Be prepared


Before you attend any interviews makes you are ready. Read up about the company, go over the job description again and familiarise yourself with what they are looking for. Also watch your body language, have questions that you want to ask them and be ready to answer the most common interview questions.

Use your network

It might sound obvious but the old adage ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ really does pay when you are looking for work. In some industries networking is the primary way people get hired. Tap into your network to see if they have any job openings, also remember to ask if they know anyone else that might be looking for staff. You can also use your network for getting a good reference, so it pays to keep up your contacts.

Don’t sell yourself short

Even when you are finding the job market tough, don’t immediately accept the first job that comes your way (unless you are in dire need of money). Know what type of job you are looking for and also know what working conditions and salary you will accept. Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary or benefits.

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